Boner's Bug Buster & Chrome Cleaner

- Micro Filament Cleansing Cloth

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Boner's Bug Buster & Chrome Cleaner is our original and, some would say, our most amazing product. This handy cloth uses only water to accomplish amazing feats of bug removal from virtually any surface: Lexan or Polycarbonate windshields, gas tanks, fork tubes, saddle bags, leathers, sunglasses, helmets and face-shields, fairings, and the list goes on and on. Simply Wet it, Wring it, and Wipe it…it's that simple. They are washable, reusable and guaranteed for 3 years! Each tube contains two 13" x13" cloths.

What is a Boner anyway?

Boner is our company mascot and adorns all of our core products.

Boner's Bug Buster & Chrome Cleaner is a micro filament cloth, not a micro fiber, that works wonders on removing bugs and leaving surfaces free from streaks and water spots.

Simply wet your Boner's Bug Buster with plain old water and wring it out like you're trying to remove every drop… then wipe it away.

You'll be amazed at how well it removes all the BUGS and GUTS that litter your windshield, tank, forks, fenders, fairing, headlight, driving lights, highway bars, helmets, goggles, leathers and wherever else bugs find their way on to.

Boner's are non-abrasive so it won't scratch your precious windshield and paint!

What are Boner's made of?

What makes Boner's cloth different from other inferior cloths?

It's the design of the dual-poly filament that makes the difference. Boner's cloths are actually spun into a fabric, not woven, so there are no threads to catch and pull out…also no linting. The filaments are somewhat “gear like” in shape and it's their unique shape that makes them work so well.

How does a Boner work?

Just how do these gosh darn things work anyways...

You see, water doesn't leave spots; it's the impurities in the water that are left when water evaporates that leave spots and streaks. The fibers in ordinary cloths are round and tend to push the bulk of dirt and moisture around, but Boner's split dual-poly filaments have open spaces between the fibers that act like scoops that pull dirt, oil, minerals and other contaminants and impurities into the cloth and hold them.

It's these same tiny scoops that safely scrub the bugs from whatever they're stuck to…without scratching.

Although Boner's Bug Buster & Chrome Cleaner WILL NOT scratch, if you pick up some grit from somewhere else like your wheels, engine area, saddle bag, etc., then that can stay in the cloth and scratch your windshield. That's why we include 2 cloths, one for the lower parts of your bike and one for the windshield and tank.

Uses for your Boner

Things your Boner will do...
  • Remove Bugs from virtually ANY surface, plexiglas, lexan, chrome, metal, fiberglass, plastics, painted surfaces, even your leathers!
  • Clean the INSIDE of your car windshield
  • Clean you face shield, goggles and glasses
  • Take dog snot off your car and household windows
  • Clean your TV and computer screens
  • Works amazingly well on your stainless steel

Caring for your Boner

Care & feeding of your Boner...

Caring for your Boner's Bug Buster is simple:

Rule #1... Use ONLY water

I know what you're thinking, “if it works this well with water it'll work even better with a cleaner,” but you're wrong. RESIST the urge to improve this product with the blue stuff, green stuff, purple stuff, or any other stuff for that matter.

Rule #2... Machine wash it

When your Boner gets dirty, machine wash it with any regular detergent and bleach. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT use fabric softener, it will leave a film on the Boner and be streak free no more.

Rule #3... Air dry only

Air dry only, do not put your Boner in the dryer.

Ordering Instructions

To order your Boner's Bug Buster & Chrome Cleaner, please contact Ed by phone at 608-516-9102, or by email at Retail price is $12.75 plus $3.80 shipping & handling and sales tax (Wisconsin residents).

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