Idaho Tote Dolly Hauler

- Idaho Tote Hauler

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Attention!! Fifth Wheel RV and Motorcoach Owners

The Idaho Tote is designed with a heavy duty and extremely durable pressure sensing steering axle. During a left or right turn, it simply senses pressure exerted from the primary towing vehicle (5th wheel or motorcoach) and follows. While backing up the Tote uses an on-board air compressor system to "rotate" the axle caster from positive to negative – and the Tote will back in the same direction the 5th wheel or motorcoach is backing.

The Tote is rated at 3,000 lbs. and has 3,500 lb. spindles, with 1,750 lb. leaf spring on each side, and 14" chrome wheels with 6-ply tires that carry 1,760 lbs. each. The axle tube has an even distribution of 4,200 lbs. The main structure is a 4x2 inch steel frame with a steel deck plate that is 8 ½ foot wide and 6 foot long. The Tote comes with a powder coated finish that is extremely durable. It is a complete package - right down to the spare tire, mud flaps, back-up lights and LED stop/tail lamps.

Please visit contact us for current SMRP for the 6’ Tote. We also have an 8’ Tote model available. Freight is FOB shipping point from Lewiston, Idaho. We also have several accessories that may be of interest.

The Idaho Tote Dolly is registered with the Federal DOT as a "dolly" and because of its two attachment points; it is considered a "tag axle" off the primary towing vehicle. The state of Idaho DOT (state of origin) has made such determination in writing - click here to read it. There are several states that do not allow a traditional "ball and coupler" double hitch attachment.

We understand the Idaho Tote is not the cheapest option on the market, but it is certainly the best design and built option.

Please Note: Some photos illustrate the Idaho Tote with a Rampage Power Lift installed. The Rampage Power Lift is not included with the Idaho Tote and is sold separately.